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Compliance HomePage

Developers/Sponsors/Sub Recipients and their contractors working with Collier County Community and Human Services should be aware of various compliance requirements pertaining to a range of items including labor monitoring, payroll submission, training opportunities for low-income residents, fair housing , equal opportunity employment, transparency, and fair and equitable marketing practices

This web page is intended to be used as a tool for all who need information or resources for Section 3, MBE/WBE,  Fair Housing and Davis Bacon.  All are areas of considerable compliance that may affect a contractor or sub recipient ability to complete a project.

Funding Recipients 
Projects funded from the following sources by HUD via Collier County CHS are subject to Section 3, MBE/WBE, Davis Bacon and Fair Housing requirements. The following programs require  compliance with HUD regulations:

Section 3, MBE/WBE and Davis Bacon Reporting Responsibilities: Employment / Training

Sponsors, contractors and subcontractors must document whether any current employees and new hires, are paid accordingly to the Federal Prevailing Wage/ Davis Bacon Act and are a Section 3 employee.  Reporting this information on a regular basis is critical to maintaining compliance.  The Collier County CHS will provide you with reporting tools and provide training to ensure you meet your reporting responsibilities. Ensuring Fair Housing is the back bone of all programs and is a requirement for all sub recipients as evidenced through their policies and procedures.

Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Program
Collier County CHS  is committed to the goals and strategies of Minority and Women Business Enterprise Program. Collier County CHS and HUD both promote the utilization of firms certified by the state of Florida for contract and subcontract opportunities.

Non-Compliance Actions that may imposed by HUD

Suspensions: Suspensions are imposed for a temporary period, pending the completion of an investigation or legal proceedings. Suspension may be enacted based on adequate evidence, such as an indictment or conviction. Depending upon the outcome of the investigation or legal proceedings, suspension could lead to debarment.

Debarments: Debarments are serious actions imposed by HUD. The general duration of a debarment is three years, but it could be longer, even for an indefinite period of time, depending upon the seriousness of the violation.

Limited Denial of Participation (LDPs): Limited Denial of Participation, also called LDP, is another sanction. It lasts no longer than one year. It is generally restricted to specific HUD programs and normally is not national in scope. HUD Field Offices impose LDPs, which are only effective within that specific geographic area.