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Get Certified

The goal of the Office of Supplier Diversity is to increase the number of Florida Certified Business Enterprises - minority-owned (MBE), woman-owned (WBE) and Veteran-owned (VBE). Our office works with eligible business owners to process and grant their certification as well as to ensure they are informed of the benefits of certification. Our certification officers are responsible for identifying and certifying eligible small businesses by conducting thorough and effective reviews of the submitted required certification documents

Eligibility Requirements

Below are the minimum eligibility requirements* to become a Florida Certified Business Enterprise as a minority, woman, minority woman, and/or veteran small business. Businesses must be based in Florida, and the primary owner(s)/manager(s) must also be residents of Florida. If you fit these requirements, please submit the required supporting documents to the Office of Supplier Diversity for review.

  • The business is registered in MyFloridaMarketPlace.
  • A small business independently owned and operated, with a net worth of not more than $5 million and employ 200 or fewer full-time permanent employees or is recognized as a certified business by the federal government.
  • 51 percent owned, managed and controlled by: African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American, Native-American, American Woman or Florida veteran who is a citizen of the United States and a permanent resident of Florida.
  • If a professional license is required for the industry, the minority owner must be the license qualifier.
  • The minority owner (s) shall not have acquired their majority ownership of at least 51 percent of the applicant business through a transferal of ownership occurring within a minimum of two years, when the previous majority ownership interest in the business was by a non-minority who is or was a relative, former employer, or current employer of the minority persons on whom eligibility is based.
  • Engaged in commercial transactions (currently doing business).
  • Operates a business that is legally registered to do business in Florida.
Are You Ready to Get Certified?
  1. Step One: The first step to certification is to register as a new vendor on MyFloridaMarketPlace.com, the state's procurement website, if you are not one already. During this process, you will be asked "If you are seeking Minority Business Certification." In the options provided in that step, you will want to indicate which certifications may apply to your business by selecting the designation(s) in the "Non-Certified" column. For more information about registering your business with the state, visit MyFloridaMarketPlace Vendors.
  2. Step Two: Review the Required Documentation List and gather all of your necessary required documentation. 
  3. Step Three: Mail, fax, or scan and email all of your supporting documentation to the Office of Supplier Diversity.

For assistance or questions about certification or the process of becoming certified, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 850-487-0915. Please do not send your documents to this email address. 

Find more information pertaining to the State of Florida woman, veteran and minority Certified Business Enterprise in these other sections of this website:

*Please note:
These are the minimum requirements to become certified as a woman, minority, and/or Florida veteran business with the State of Florida. These requirements do not guarantee certification. To review the complete requirements please review Chapter 287.0943(2)(e), Florida StatutesChapter 295.187, Florida Statues and Chapter 60A-9, Florida Administrative Code


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Certification Required Documents
The Office of Supplier Diversity certifies woman-, Veteran-, and minority-owned businesses. The following requirements must be established for certification:

  • 51% owned and managed by minority, woman or veteran
  • Permanent resident of Florida
  • Registered in MyFloridaMarketPlace
  • Net worth less than $5 million
  • Fewer than 200 employees
  • Business domiciled in Florida

To avoid delays, please review the Frequently Asked Questions and the entire list of required documents (below) prior to beginning the process

For assistance with definitions and designations, you may find the "Important Certification Definitions (Adobe PDF Document 60.92 KB)" sheet helpful. Applicants for a minority certification designation should review the Affidavit of Ethnic Designation (Adobe PDF Document 23.27 KB).*

If you wish to be certified as a veteran and as a minority/woman, you must supply the documents listed for minority/woman businesses for your business structure (below) in addition to the Veteran Business Enterprise Certification Application and the documents listed on the last page of the application.

The first step to certification is to register as a new vendor on the state's procurement websiteMyFloridaMarketPlace.com, if you are not one already.

To print and share an overview of what documents are required for certification, you may download this flier (Adobe PDF Document 621.33 KB).  

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON Certification Required Documents